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Four Famous Taoist Mountains


Mt.Wudang Hubei Province

Standing southwest of Danjiangkou City in Hubei Province, Mt.Wudang is one of the famous mountains to the Taoists. It is 400 km in circumference and has such natural sceneries as 72 peaks, 24 ravines, 11 caves, 9 springs, 3 pools, 9 wells, 10 rocks and 9 terraces.The ancient architecture complex is also famous in China and abroad, including 8 palaces, 2 Taoist temples, 36 nunneries, 72 temples, 39 bridges and 12 pavilions. Since the Tang Dynasty, Mt. Wudang has become a centre of Taoism and a famous scenic area. It had a period of great prosperity in the Ming.


Mt.Wudang Map

Mt.Wudang Map



Qingcheng Mountain in Sichuan Province

Situated 15 km southwest of Dujiangyan City in Sichuan Province, Mt. Qingcheng, also known as Mt. Chicheng, is one of the famous Taoist mountains in China, with 36 peaks, 72 caves and 108 scenic spots. Its highest peak is 1600 metres above sea level. The extant historic sites here include Tianshidong Temple, Shangqing Palace, Zushi Hall, etc.

Jianfu Palace, situated at the foot of Mt. Qingcheng, is the starting site ofthe tourist route. Tianshidong, the grandest temple in the mountain, was first built in the Sui Dynasty. The extant structure was built in the Qing Dynasty. Shangqing Palace, standing on the highest peak, was first built in the Jin Dynasty, with a magnificent and symmetric layout.


Mt.Qingcheng Map

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Qingcheng Mountain in Sichuan Province



Qiyun Mountain in Anhui Province



Longhu Mountain in Jiangxi Province





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