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Four Famous Towers


Huanghe(Yellow Crane) Tower in Wuhan


Tengwang Pavilion in Nanchang

The Prince Teng Pavilion towers at the bank of Gan River. The original pavilion was first built in 653 in the Tang Dynasty (618-907). It was rebuilt during the reign of the Ming emperor Jingtai ( 1450-1456 ) outside the Zhangjiang Gate. After the Qing Dynasty it was destroyed and reconstructed again. In 1926 a fire set by the Northern Warlords (1912-1927) again burnt it down. Reconstruction of the pavilion began in 1983, and was completed in 1989. Occupying an area of 43,000 square metres, the main structure of the pavilion covers 13,000 square metres. With double eaves, the pavilion boasts nine storeys, with a height of 57.5 metres. It looks even more magnificent and imposing.


Yueyang Tower in Hunan



Penglai Pavilion

Standing on the top of Danya hill north of Penglai City, Penglai Pavilion is a famous tourist I site of Shandong Province. According to legend, Penglai was known as one of the three fairy mountains on the sea. The Pavilion,built in the Northern Song Dynasty, was extended in the Ming Dynasty and rebuilt in the Qing Dynasty, with Sanqing Hall, Lvlzhu Hall, Tianhou Palace and Longwang (Dragon King) Palace standing I to its south.

Penglai Pavilion has long been the place where the men of letters and refined scholars often visited.





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