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Attractions in Gansu Province


Map of The Silk Road

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Map of The Silk Road


Jiayuguan Pass

Situated in the Southwest of Jiayugua City, it is the west terminal point of the Great Wall. The pass was built in the Ming Dynasty and was a hotlv contested strategic point in ancient times.The magnificent pass has two gates, two gate towers and four turrets on its four corners, covering 33500m2.



Mt. Kongtong

Located 30km west of Pingliang City, Mt. Kongtong is a branch range of Liupan Mountains. Since the Qin and flan Dynasties, temples and Taoist temples began to be built in succesion,and the mountain became a famous sacred mountain to Taoists.Pagoda of the Ming Dynasty,Tailie palace of the Qing Dynasty are the main extant buildings.


Mogao Grottoes

Situated at the eastern foot of Mingsha I fill in Dunhuang, Mo gao Grottoes were first hewn in 366 A. eminent Monk Le Zun, and more than 1000 grottoes were hewn.




Mt. Maiji

Situated about 45 km southeast of Tianshui City, Mt. Maiji is famous for its grottoes, one of the national major famous scenic areas in China.




Mingsha Hill-Yueya Spring

Situated about 6 km south of Dunhuang City, Mingsha Hill, also known as Shensha Hill, occupies an area of about 800 km2 with a relative height of 250 in and Yueya(Crecent) Spring , lying at its northern foot, is a crescent-like pool, 200 meters long and more than 50 meters wide.


Map of Mingsha Hill-Yueya Spring

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Map of Mingsha Hill-Yueya Spring



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