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Attractions in Guangdong


Xinghu Lake in Zhaoqing

Situated in Zhaoqing City, Xinghu Lake, also called Qixingyan(Seven-star Crags) , is a national famous scenic area, dotted with seven hills looking Like seven stars, occupying 8.2 km2 of land. It is noted for its fascinating scenery and has won the fame of "an integration of the beauty of the hills in Guilin and the charm of the West Lake in Hangzhou".


Xinghu Lake in Zhaoqing Map



"Splendid China"

Situated by Shenzhen Bay, in the western suburbs of Shenzhen City, Splendid China is a comprehensive (miniature scenic area, coverling 30 hectares of land. In the scenic area, there are more than 70 spots containing about one hundred) famous scenic wonders arranged according to their real locations, including the Great Wall, Terracotta Army of Qin Shihuang's mausoleum which are among the world's eight wonders, etc.


"Splendid China" Photo.



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