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Guizhou Travel Guide and Maps


Huangguoshu Waterfall

Located in the Zhenning Bouyei and Miao Autonomous County and 45 km southwest of Anshun, the scenic area posse sses more than 20 waterfalls and cascades including Huangguoshu Waterfall, Doupotang Waterfall, Guanfng Waterfall, etc, but Huangguoshu Waterfall is the most magnificent. When the river swells in summer, the waterfall is over 80 metres wide and 74 metres high, with waters roaring down at a rate of 2000 cubic metres per second into Mum (Rhinoceros) pool.

Doupotang Waterfall, located on the upper reaches of the river, 21 metres high and 105 metres wide, is the widest one among the falls in that area.

Huangguoshu Scenic Area has also beautiful natural scenery with clusters of -peaks and wonderful caves. The most wonderful caves are Longgong(Dragon Palace) Cave, Tianxing Cave and Xiniu (Rhinoceros) Cave, etc. Besides, the Bouyei and Miao minority people living in this area are not only hospitable but good at singing and dancing, and their local folk customs attract all the visitors.


Huangguoshu Map

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Longgong Scenic Area

Situated 27 km south of Anshun City, it is a scenic area consisting of Longgong Falls, Tianchi Lake, underground rivers and stone forest, etc. Longgong Cave is a 400 metres long underground river linking several pools with openings above. Now, only the first one fifth of them is open to the public, which is 800 metres long and divided into six natural "halls" . When boating in the cave,visitors could view a wonderful sight.


Map of Longgong Scenic Area

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Map of Longgong Scenic Area


Hongfeng Lake

Situated 40 km west of Guiyang City, it is a reservoir built on the Maotiao River and the largest one in the Guizhou Plateau, which has the fame of "the pearl on the plateau". It has a water surface of 57km2. Because of its zigzag coast line and complicated branching streams, the lake is divided into four parts with varied sceneries. In the lake, there stand numerous islets, on some of which, many beautiful buildings of the Dong style have been set up, such as bridges, drum tower and the Dong villages.


Map of Hongfeng Lake

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Map of Hongfeng Lake

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