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Hainan Travel Guide and Map


Hainan Province

Hainan Island is the second largest island in China, which is situated on the Nanhai Sea (South China Sea) and facing Guangdong Province across Qiongzhou Strait. Hainan Province, established in 1988, consists of Hainan Island, Xisha Islands, Zhongsha Islands, Nansha Islands and the vast sea areas around them. Area: about 340000 km2.

The interior of the Hainan island is mountainous, rising to over 1800 metres.Tablelands, terraces and plains, with an elevation of less than 100 metres above sea level, occupy about 60% of its total area.

The province has a tropic monsoon climate. It is hot and rainy. There is no frost and snow all the year round. The annual mean temperature up to 22-77° C and the annual precipitation is 1500-2600 mm.

Hainan Province possesses a favorable natural environment and is famous for its bright and beautiful sunshine, vast blue sea, enchanting beaches and fresh air. Sanya Tropical Beach Area is one of the national major famous scenic areas. The main historic sites and scenic spots include Wugong Shrine built in the Ming Dynasty, Hairui Tomb, Dongpo Academy, Luhuitou(Deer Turning its Head), Dadonghai (Great East Sea)Bathing Beach, Tianyahaijiao(the End of the Earth),Underwater Village and Underwater Forest, etc.

The province is the main tropical crop production base of China and is abundant in rubber, cocoa, coconut, tropical fruits. The handicraft articles, such as coconut carving, etc, are all famous.


Map of Hainan Province

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Map of Hainan Province

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