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  Attractions in Heilongjiang

  • Jingpo Lake
  • Yabuli Skiing Ground
  • Wudalianchi


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Heilongjiang Travel Maps


Jingpo Lake

Situated in the upper reaches of the Mudan River, Southwest of Ning'an County and about 110 km away from Mudanjiang City, Jingpo Lake is the largest lava barrier lake in mountainous area in China. It is about 45 km long and 6 km wide in maximum, and occupies a water surface of 90 km2. Its unadorned beautiful scenery attracts more and more tourists.

There exist eight famous scenic spots in the lake area, including Diaoshuilou Falls looking like a silver curtain, exquisite Zhenzhumen (pearl Gate), the lush Xiaogushan and Baishilazi with numerous dwelling birds. There are also several volcanic scenic sites. The underground forest (Crater forest) 45km away from Jingpo Lake, is the most famous.


Map of Jingpo Lake

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Jingpo Lake Map


Yabuli Skiing Ground

The skiing ground is situated 194 km, southeast of Harbin, the capital of Heilongjiang Province, with 15 skiing courses totaling more than 30 km, where 95' Winter Asian Games was held. It is the largest one in China, with the best natural conditions and perfect faclities. Now, the skiing ground is the best site for skiing-lovers during winter time.


Map of Yabuli Skiing Ground

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Yabuli Skiing Ground Map



Lying in the nor-them suburbs of Wudalianchi City,it is one of the national major nature reserves and major famous scenic areas. Because of the volcanic eruptions in 1719-1721, the lava-flow covered an area of more than 60 km2 and the course of the Baihe River was dammed, forming five interlinked barrier Lakes.


Map of Wudalianchi

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Wudalianchi Map



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