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  Attractions in Jiangxi

  • Mt.Jinggang
  • Mt.Lushan

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Attractions in Jiangxi


Mt. Jinggang

Situated in the border area between Jiangxi and Hunan, Mt.Jinggang is not only a famous revolutionary site of China, but also a major famous scenic area, with more than twenty scenic spots.
In October 1927, Mao Zedong led the army organized during the Autumn Uprising to the Jinggang Mountain and established the first revolutionary base area of the Chinese Communist Party. A long period of revolutionary struggle of the Red Army led by the Chinese Communist Party has left a great number of revolutionary sites.

The Jinggang Mountain also possesses many magnificent natural sceneries, for example, the waterfalls on the Wushen River enjoy good fame, among which, Bailongtan Waterfall has a drop of 82 metres, presenting a magnificent sight.


Mt. Jinggang Map

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Mt. Jinggang Map


Mt. Lushan - Lushan Mountain

Located to the south of Jiujiang City,Mt.Lushan is the best-known scenic area and summer resort, with the Poyang Lake lying to its east and the Changjiang(Yangtze)River flowing by its north. It covers an area of 394 km2.
Mt. Lushan possesses beautiful natural sceneries. Towering peaks, changeable sea of clouds,numerous gurgling springs and waterfalls cascading down the precipitous cliffs form a fascinating scenery. The main scenic spots include Wulao Peak, Hanpokou Archway, Hanyang Peak, Lulin Lake, Sanbao (Three Treasure) Trees, Ruqin Lake, Xianren Cave and Botanical Garden, etc. Mt. Lushan attracts tourists also for its being always shrouded in swirling mist and clouds.
It is also famous for its ancient temples. Donglin Temple, Xilin Temple and Dalin Temple are the three famous temples.


Mt. Lushan Map

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Map of Lushan mountain

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