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  Attractions in Liaoning

  • Dalian Beach
  • Mt.Qianshan
  • Mt.Fenghuang
  • Tianchi Lake on Mt.Changbai
  • Songhua Lake


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Attractions in Liaoning

Dalian Beach


Situated at the southern end of East Liaoning Peninsula, with Bohai Sea in the west and Huanghai Sea in the east, it is an important ice-free port and one of the 14 coastal open cities of the country.

With its temperate climate and beautiful scenery, Dalian is a famous site for tourism, recreation and summer resort well-known throughout the country and wins the reputation of "A Pearl on Huanghai Sea" Dalian possesses many scenic spots such as Jinshitan scenic area, Xinghai Park, Laohutan Park,looking like glittering pearls attracting numerous foreign and domestic tourists.


Dalian Map

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Dalian Map  

Mt. Qianshan


Situated 25 kilometers south of Anshan City, Mt. Qianshan is one of the three famous mountains and a famous scenic area in Northeast China.

In Mt.Qianshan Scenic Area, there are more than 180 scenic spots consisting mainly of exotic pine trees, rocks of grotesque shapes and ancient temples. The main scenic spots include 5 ancient temples, ( Longquan, Xiangyan, Zhonghui, Da'an and Zhuyue Temples) and 8 Taoist Temples, 9 palaces, 12 Buddhist convents, etc. Longquan Temple is the largest Buddhist temple in Mt. Qianshan built in the Tang Dynasty. Wuliang Taoist Temple standing in Beigou Valley is the largest Taoist religious edifice in that area, and it was the first built in the early Qing Dynasty.


Mt. Qianshan Map

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Mt. Qianshan Map  


  Located 2.5 kilometers southeast of Fenghuang Man Autonomous County, Liaoning Province, Mt. Fenghuang has a long history and a great number of historic sites and has long been known as the first famous mountain of the Great Wall and one of the four famous mountains in the province.It is famous for its high peaks, ancient temples and pagodas,stone inscriptions,clear springs and rare plants. The main scenic spots include Zanyun Peak, Diecui Peak, etc.  

Mt.Fenghuang Map

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Tianchi Lake on Mt.Changbai


Lying in Mt.Changbai Nature Reserve, Tianchi Lake, a typical alpine lake, is the Sino-Korean border lake formed by volcanic eruption and the deepest crater lake with an elevation of 2155 m, covering an area of 9.2kmz. Around the lake, there stand 16 magnificent high peaks.

Tianchi Lake is enveloped by cloud and mist nearly all the year round and shows its true feature in a few days in summer, when the waters of the lake is as smooth as a mirror, reflecting the rocks and high cliffs around it. At the north bank of the lake, there is a gap from where the lake waters rush down the cliff, forming a 68metres long waterfall. To the north of the lake, there are also other famous scenic spots, such as Bagui Temple, Niulangdu and Jinqian Spring, etc.


Tianchi Lake on Mt.Changbai Map

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Songhua Lake


Located in the upper reaches of the Songhua River, 24 km southeast of Jilin City, Songhua Lake is a man-made one where the famous Fengman Hydropower Station lies. The water surface of the lake totals 500 km Z and the mirror-like water is encircled by peaks with grotesque shapes. In the lake, there are many islets,of which Wuhu (Five Tigers) Islet is the biggest. Viewing from the air, the islet looks like five tigers playing in the clear waters. Around the lake, forest occupies an area of about 550 kMZ. Near the lake lies a large skiing ground, one of the largest in China.

Songhua Lake integrates the beautiful sceneries of Mt. Huangshan and the Lijiang River, and is a nice tourist site all the year round.


Songhua Lake Map

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