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Shaanxi Travel Map



Situated in the middle reaches of the Huanghe River, the province borders on Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Gansu, Sichuan, Hubei, Shanxi and Shandong Provinces, and Chongqing Municipality. Area: over 190000 km2..

The Province comprises three distinct geographic natural regions - the northern upland plateau, the southern mountainous region and the Guanzhong (Central Shaanxi) Plain.

Shaanxi Province is located in a subtropic humid monsoon climate zone. Its northem part has a dry winter and spring, but a rainy summer and autumn, while its southern part enjoys a temperate humid climate, with abundant rainfall.

With abundant historic sites and cultural relics, and famous mountains and rivers, Shannxi has a developed tourist industry. The national major famous scenic areas, such as Mt.Huashan, Mt.Lishan in Lintong, Mt.Tiantai in Baoji, are all well-known to visitors both from home and abroad. The world- famous Qin Shihuang Mausoleum was included in the World Heritages in 1987. Other famous scenic spots include Dayan (Wild Goose ) Pagoda, Stele Forest in Xi'an, Hot Spring in Lintong, Banpo Primitive Society Ruins and Mt. Cuihua, etc.

Local products, such as pomegranate in Lintong, red date in Qingjian, Maojian tea in Ziyang all very famous, and the Tang Tricoloured glazed Pottery is also well-received by visitors.


Map of Shaanxi Province

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Map of Shaanxi Province

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