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  Attractions in Shangdong

  • Penglai Pavilion
  • Mt.Laoshan
  • Mt.Taishan
  • Qufu



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Attractions in Shandong Province


Penglai Pavilion

Standing on the top of Danya hill north of Penglai City, Penglai Pavilion is a famous tourist I site of Shandong Province. According to legend, Penglai was known as one of the three fairy mountains on the sea. The Pavilion,built in the Northern Song Dynasty, was extended in the Ming Dynasty and rebuilt in the Qing Dynasty, with Sanqing Hall, Lvlzhu Hall, Tianhou Palace and Longwang (Dragon King) Palace standing I to its south.

Penglai Pavilion has long been the place where the men of letters and refined scholars often visited.


Penglai Pavilion Map

Penglai Pavilion Map



situated 35 km east of Qingdao City, Mt. Laoshan is a national major scenic area with towering Peaks, high cliffs, deep and serene ancient caves, clear springs and waterfalls. It has a long history and humid climate, with a large number of Taoist temples built in past dynasties. Mt. Laoshan is an ideal summer resort and famous scenic area.


Mt.Taishan Map

Mt.Taishan Map



Towering in the central part of Shandong Province, Mt.Taishan, with its elevation of 1545 metres above sea level, is the first of China's five sacred mountains and one of the national major famous scenic areas. In1987,MtTaishan was listed in the World Natural and Cultural Heritages by UNESCO.

In history, emperors and many scholars stepped on the mountain to view its magnifi cent scenery,having left quite a many famous poems and inscriptions.

The main scenic spots are Wangmu ( Heavenly Mother ) Pool, Doumu Palace, Jingshi ( Sutra Rock ) Valley, Heilong (Black Dragon)Pool,Shanzi(Fanshaped)cliff,Changshou(Longevity)Bridge.Daimiao Temple, situated in Tai'an City at the southern foot ofthe mountain, was first built in the Han Dynasty, and large-scale additions were made during the Tang and Song Dynasties. It is a key cultural heritage under state protection.


Mt. Taishan Map

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Mt. Taishan Map



During the Spring and Autumn period, Qufu was the capital of the Lu State and the birthpalce of the world-famous thinker Confucius. It possesses abundance of cultural relics and historic sites, of which, Confucian Temple, Confucius Residence and Confucian Woods are the most famous. Confucian Temple is one of the three palatial architectures in China, which houses a large number of steles and other cultural relics. Confucius Residence covers 120000 sq. metres and is a magnificent mansion only next to imperial palace of the Ming or Qing Dynasties in scale.

Confucian Woods, the cemetery for Confucius and his descendants, has a history of over 2300 years, covering more than 200 hectares.


Qufu Map

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Qufu Map

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