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Yunnan Travel Guide and Maps


Stone Forest

Situated in the northeastern part of the Shilin Yi Autonomous County, Stone Forest is one of the major famous scenic areas in China, covering an area of 350kmz. The most wonderful sites include the Greater Stone Forest, the lesser Stone Forest, the Outer Stone Forest and underground Stone Forest, ect. It enjoys a great prestige both at home and abroad.


Stone Forest Map

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Stone Forest Map



Erhai Lake a famous alpine freshwater lake with an area of 246km2, is situated to the north of Daft City. The vast expanse of misty, rolling green waters make Erhai Lake a wonderful scenic area. Furthermore, there are a great number of scenic spots and historic sites in the area, such as "Three Pagodas" in Chongsheng Temple, etc.


Cangshan-Erhai Map

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Cangshan-Erhai Map



This famous scenic area usually refers to the Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture in the southwestern part of Yunnan Province, with a total area of 19184 km2. Because of the rolling mountain ridges in this area and being affected by the monsoon, it is hot and rainy here. There are vast tropical rainforests, exotic flowers and rare grasses. In the virgin forests, Golden monkeys, elephants, rhinoceroses and peacocks are found. Xishuangbanna has been known as "An Emerald in the Plant Kingdom" , "The Animal Kingdom" and “ The Home of Peacocks", especially the tropical rainforest in Menglun Valley. The historic sites are the White Pagodas in Manfeilong. the Octagonal Pavilion of Jingzhen, ect.


Xishuangbanna Map

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Xishuangbanna Map

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