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New Sight spots in Beijing

With the advent of Olympic Games, Beijing is changing with each passing day. We are always fingding surprising changes on the streets; Beijing is taking on a new look to welcome the Olympic Games with more and more beautiful sceneries----

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Hutong Map
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Recommended Sightseeing route by pedlicab
  1. Taking pedicab and go to the Drum Tower>>Visiting the Drum Tower>>Taking pedicab>>Shi Sha Hai>>Sliver Ingot Bridge>>Visting hutong and hutong family>>Take boat and return to the back door of Beihai(North Sea).
  2. Take boat in front sea>>Front sea>>Sliver in got bridge>>Back sea>>Visting hutong and hutong family>>Taking pedicab>>Visting Gong Wang Residence Garden>>Taking pedicab and return the following sights.

You can choose to interlude wiht hutong travel

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