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Huangshan Mountains

The second-to-none mountain under Heaven is 260 kilometers away to the south of Hefei. Covering a total area of 1,200 square kilometers, of which 154 sq. km are the main scenic area, the Huangshan Mountains are famous throughout the world for the peculiar pines, bizarre rocks, hot springs, and sea of clouds. The summit of the mountains is 1,864 meters above sea level. In China, there is an old saying about the Huangshan Mountains, which goes as "When someone returns from the Five Sacred Mountains, one does not want
to see any other mountains; but if one returns from the Huangshan Mountains, one does not even want to see the Five Sacred Mountains." The Huangshan Mountains rank among the first national key scenic spots proclaimed by the State Council, and in 1990, were placed in the list of "the world natural and cultural heritage" by the UNESCO.

Map of Huangshan 1:Tourist Map of Huangshan Scenic Spots
Tourist Map of Huangshan Scenic Spots

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Map of Huangshan 2:Map of Huangshan Scenic Spots
Map of Huangshan Scenic Spots

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