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In the past, I always thought that Chinese landscape paintings are the ideals of romanticism of the painters, after viewing the Guilin's landscapes, I hanve known that they are the portraits of the realism

------Herry kissinger, former Secretary of State of America 1979

Li River Tour

Li River MapLi River Tour Map

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Crown Cave Scenery Area
"The blue and green water show of mountain,the hole and strange stone are beautiful", a place nearest to nature, One has national AAAA a grade of scenic spot,the synthtize travel scenic spot of two world-The LiRiver Crown cave Soenery area. The Crown Cave complete beautiful by hills and mountains, greed water convey feeling .If the rural area paint.A Land of fairyland on the earth: Underground rivers my sterious if dream.if poem,paint;Thera are
natural art,very interesting unique local condition sand customs on the grassroot island;The Roller Coaster slide car, let you shuttle back and forth among rural area mountains and rivsrs freay.Flies and asks for and bring the stimulus that you never had to experience in the sky...... What do you still wait for? Let's come to keep in touch with the nature intimately quickly!
Crown Cave Scenery Area   Crown Cave Scenery Area Map
Trekking Rout Yangdi to Xingping

Trekking Rout Yangdi to Xingping Tour Map

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Trekking Rout Yangdi to Xingping Map
A place nearest to the nature
There are minority folk singing and dancing show, local flavor" snack street", colourful flower and vegetabale garden, and all kinds of sculpture works on the island. It is really and idea place where people can have their minds at ease. The restaurant on the island serves goat banquet roast goat, Li River fish, local chicken and local wine, all characteristic by cocal flavor.

Xiangba Dao Tour Map

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A place nearest to the nature
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