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China Maps: City Maps >> Qinghuangdao Map

Qinhuangdao City


Qinhuangdao - a good place for summer vacation


With a history of more than 2,000 years, Qinhuangdao is situated at the eastern end of Hebei Province, neighbouring Liaoning Province. Legend tells that Emperor Qinshihuang stayed temporarily here for seeking immortality, hence the name. The city is non-freezing port, and it mainly exports coal and petroleum. Along the seacoast, it produces a large quantity of aquatic products. Industries include machinery, bridge building, glass and refractory material. Of interest to visitors are Shanhaiguan Great Wall, Beidaihe Beach, and Meng Jiangnu Temple.

Qinhuangdao is a seaport city consisting of Shanhai guan, Beidaihe, seaport district and Changli County. Shanhaiguan is a famous pass located at a strategic spot of the Great Wall between mountains and sea. It is renowned for its magnificent gatetower named No.l Pass under Heaven. The well-known scenic spot Laolongtou is the starting point of the Great Wall.



Qinghuangdao and Its Vicinity Map

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Qinghuangdao and Its Vicinity Map




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