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Wuxi Travel Guide and Map



(The city tree is the camphor tree and its flowers being. the plum blossom and azalea.) Wuxi, in Jiangsu Province, the second largest city in Jiangsu Province, is located on the Yangtze River Delta. Known as one of the four "little dragons" of Southeast China due to its progress in carrying out economic reforms, the city of Wuxi is often associated with silk production. Although originally name Youxi ( "with tin") -which referred to the local tin mines being worked during the Zhou Dynasty ( 1046-256 BC)-the name was changed to Wuxi ( "without tin") during the Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD) 220), when tin supplies were exhausted.

The city is an industrial and resort city on the north bank of Lake Tai (Tai Hu), one of China's five largest lakes. Wuxi has an area of 4,664 square kilometres with a population of 4.33 million.

On a bicycle tour of Wuxi, delegates will visit the No One Silk Filature and Huishan Clay Figure Workshop, highlighting two of the most famous Chinese industries: silk and porcelain; as well as Xihui Park and Jichang (Ease of Mind) Garden.

Wuxi was granted the honour of " State-Level Example Area for Environmental Protection " by the State Environmental Protection Administration in late 2000. The city has built a high-quality wastewater treatment system, an advanced rubbish centre and a central heating system. An industrial and household waste is treated. The city is working to attract environmentally friendly foreign-funded projects.


Wuxi City Map

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Wuxi City Map




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