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Xi'an Travel Guide and Map


Xian - the capital city of Shanxi Province

Located in the middle reaches of the Yellow River, Shaanxi is one of the birthplaces of the Chinese nation. There, early Chinese settlers developed a great civilization comparable with that of ancient Egypt, India and the area lying between Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Van, also known as Chang'an l(Eternal Peace) in ancient times, has a history of 3,100 years.

In Xi'an, there are 41 universities and colleges, 3,300 research institutions and technological development centres. The city also has some 50 state-level laboratories and testing centres which are capable of absorbing, digesting and transplanting domestic and overseas advanced technologies. As a result, the city has produced significant scientific achievements. It is in Xi'an that China's first engine for carrier rocket, China's first satellite-borne computer and China's first integrated circuit came into being.In terms of comprehensive scientific and technological strength, Xi'an ranks
Stalactite Cave and Darning (Very Bright) Mountain, etc.
modernization. the third in China trailing only Beijing and Shanghai. The city's high technology enjoys remarkable advantages especially in space technology, electronic information, electro-mechanical integration, new materials and energy-saving technology. Van Satellite Monitoring Centre, the central nervous system of China's space-flight monitoring network, has undertaken many important monitoring tasks, thus making significant contribution to
China's space-flight industry. The airplanes made in Van are the major feeder liners in China and its manufacturer has undertaken technological cooperation with the United Sates, France, Canada, and other countries.

Xi'an is one of the four ancient cities in the world, the other three being Rome in Italy Athens in Greece and Cairo in Egypt


Xi'an Map

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Xi'an Map, xian map




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