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  • Mt.Wuyi
  • Gulangyu

Attractions in Fujian



Situated 15 km south of Wuyishan City, Mt.Wuyi covers an area of about 60 km2, with streams and valleys snaking their ways through the mountains, and is known as" the most beautiful mountain in Southeast China". It is located in Fujian Province.

Mt.Wuyi boasts fascinating 36 peaks,9 caves, 99 distinguished rocks and 108 scenic spots, and its scenery is an integration of the wonder of Mt. Huangshan,the elegance of Guilin, the beauty of Xihu Lake in Hangzhou and the grandeur of Mt.Taishan. It is also famous for its cultural actvities in China's history.


Mt. Wuyi




Situated to the southwest of Xiamen City, Gulangyu is a small island facing Xiamen across a narrow strait. It is covered by luxuriant green trees, and many western style villas are scattered over the island,forming a beautiful sight.Riguang(Sunlight) Crag is the highest peak of the island and an ideal spot of viewing Xiamen City and the seascape.


Gulangyu Photo



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