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  • Mt.Wuyi
  • Gulangyu

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Fujian Travel Map


Fujian Province

Situated in the southeastern coast of China , Fujian Province Borders on Zhejiang,Jiangxi,Guangdong Provinces and faces Taiwan across the Strait. Area: over 120000 km2.

The province is mountainous and only the area along the coast is occupied by plains. Mountainous areas and hilly lands make up 80% of its total area.

Fujian enjoys a subtropic climate , characterized by hot summer but cool winter. The annual mean temperature is 17-22°C , and the annual rainfall is 1100-2000mm. It has a frost-free Period of 240-300 days in a year.

The province is rich in tourist resources and famous for its picturesque sceneries. It possesses more than 40 famous scenic spots and over 40 major historic and cultural sites under state protection. The national major famous scenic areas include Mt.Wuyi, Mt.Taimu,Mt.Qingyuan, Gulangyu-Warrshishan, Taoyuan Cave, Linyin Stone Forest , Yuanyang Brook , Mt. Guanzhi and Jinhu Lake in Taming. Others,such as the "Eighteen sights in Gushan" and the "Thirty six Wonderful Views in Wushan Hill" are also the attractive tourist sites.

Fujian is famous for its traditional handicraft articles , such as bodiless lacquerware in Fuzhou, stone carving in Shoushan, bamboo woven articles in Anxi, shell carving in Pingtan, etc, especially, the narcissus in Zhangzhou enjoys good fame throughout the country.


Map of Fujian Province

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Map of Fujian Province



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