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Hubei Province - travel guide and map


Hubei Province

Situated in the middle reaches of the Changjiang(Yangtze) River and north of Dongting Lake, Hubei Province borders on Anhui, Jiangxi, Hunan, Shaanxi Provinces and Chongqing Municipality. Area:more than 180000 km2.

The province, a part of the middle basin of the Changjiang River, is surrounded by mountains on three sides. Mountainous areas and hilly lands make up 70% of its total land.

Hubei enjoys a subtropic monsoon climate, with abundant rainfall and a long frost-free period.The annual mean temperature is 13-18C', and the annual rainfall is 750-1600 mm.

The province has a long history and developed culture, and is one of the birthplaces of the Chinese nation. During the Warring States period, it was the place of the Chu State and evolved a developed Chu culture.

Hubei province possesses famous mountains and beautiful waters, and abundant cultural relics and historic sites. The magnificent Three Gorges of the Changjiang River is a world-famous scenic area. The national major famous scenic areas are Donghu lake in Wuhan City, Mt. Wudang, Mt. Dahong. Besides, Shennongjia, Huanghe Tower, and Qu Yuan's native place, etc, are also well-known.

The specialities in Hubei are bamboo ware, Yichang black tea, Enshi green tea, Zigui orange, Xiaogan sesame seed candy, etc.


Hubei Province Map

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Hubei Province Map

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