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Jinlin Travel Map

Jinlin Province

Situated in the central part of Northeast China, Jilin is bounded on the south by Liaoning, on the north by Heilongjiang, on the west by Inner Mongolia and by the Russian Federation on the east, and faces Democratic People's Republic of Korea across the Yalu River. Area: more than 180000 km2.

The province may be roughly divided into two parts: the eastern mountains and the western plains. Mountainous and hilly areas occupy more than 60% its land.

Jilin has a long and cold winter but a pleasant summer. The annual mean temperature is -3 - 7C' The beautiful snow scenery along the Songhua River and the Korean ethnic culture attract numerous tourists.

Most of the tourist sites exist in the areas of Changchun city, Jilin and along the Songhua River-Mt. Changbai. Other scenic areas are distri uted in Yanbian, Tonghua, Ji'an, Siping, Baicheng and Liaoyuan. The ma, famous scenic areas are Songhua Lake, Badabu-Jingyuetan reservoir. Besid the Tianchi Lake on Mt. Changbai and the deer farm at the foot of Mt.longtan by the east bank of the Songhua River, are also famous scenic areas.

There are many special local products in Jilin, in which, ginseng, pilose antler and marten fur are the most famous.


Jinlin Province Map

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Jinlin Province Map



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