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Attractions in Liaoning

  • Dalian Beach
  • Mt.Qianshan
  • Mt.Fenghuang
  • Tianchi Lake on Mt.Changbai
  • Songhua Lake


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Liaoning Travel Map


Liaoning Province


Situated in the southern part of Northeast China, Liaoning Province adjoins D. P. R. Korea in the east, Hebei in the southwest, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in the northwest and Jilin in the northeast. Area: about 150000 km2.

Liaoning consists essentially of a central lowland, flanked by mountains and highlands in the east and west respectively. A southward extension of the eastern highlands forms the Liaoning Peninsula.

The province enjoys a temperate continental climate,with a warm and rainy summer and a short but pleasant autumn. The annual mean temperature is 6-11' C and the yearly precipitation is 440-1130 mm.

Liaoning possesses rich tourist resources. There are 191 historic and cultural sites under state protection. The national major famous scenic areas include Mt. Qianshan, the Yalu River, seaside of Xingcheng, Jinshitan Beach, Dalian Beach, Mt. Fenghuang and the water cave in Benxi, etc.

Liaoning has long been known as "the Home of Apple", among the great varieties, °Gouguang° apple is the most famous. Pear in west Liaoning, peach in Dalian, etc, are also famous fruits. The handicraft articles, such as jade carving in Xiuyan, shell carving in Dalian, black amber carving in Fushun, tussah silk in Dandong, etc, enjoy good fame in China.



Liaoning Province Map

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Liaoning Province Map

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