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Taiwan Province

Situated in a sea area off the southeast of China's mainland, facing Fujian Province across the Taiwan Strait, and the Philippines across the Bashi Channel, Taiwan Province consists of Taiwan Island and other islands, and the surrounding sea areas. Area:36000 km2.

Taiwan Island is the largest in China. It is dominated by mountainous and hilly areas which occupy 2/3 of its total land. Mts.Yushan, known as "the Roof of the Treasured Island," is the highest mountain in the province, with elevation of 3997 metres above sea level. The terraced tablelands and alluvial plains are found along the western part of the island.

Because of the Tropic of Cancer passing through the province, it enjoys a tropic and subtropic climate characterized by the hot, rainy and windy weather. The annual mean temperature is 22C and the annual precipitation is more than 2400 mm. Taiwan has been an inalienable part of China's territory since ancient times, which is an indisputable fact.

Taiwan an Province has rich tourist resources,with beautiful scenery of green hills and clear waters,and has been known as "the Beautiful Treasured Island." The major scenic Spots include Jihyuehtan Lake, Alishan Scenic Area, Mt.Yushan, Shihtou Hill, Temple of Cheng Chengkung(Zheng Chenggong), and the Palace Museum in Taipei, etc.

Special local products include shell carving picture in Lutao,glassware in Taipei,art pottery and porcelain in Peitou, etc. Nantou has the largest centre of butterfly specimen in the world.


Taiwan Map

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Taiwan Map

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