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  • Xihu Lake in Hangzhou
  • Fuchun R.-Xin'an R.
  • Mt.Putuo

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Zhejiang Travel Map


Zhejiang Province

Situated in the coastal area of East China, Zhejiang Province borders on Anhui, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Fujian Provinces and Shanghai Municipality. Area:over 100000 km2.


The province is largely mountainous and has a general slope from southwest to norhteast. Only less than 30 percent of the total area is level land. It has a rocky and indented coast, forming numerous natural habours.

The climate in Zhejiang is temperate and humid, with an annual mean temperature of 15-19°C and the annual precipitation is 1000-1900 mm.

Zhejiang possesses famous mountains and rivers, so the tourist industry is becoming increasingly developed. Within its boundaries, Mt.Putuo, Mt.Tiantai, Nanxi River, Fuchun River-Xin'an River and Xihu Lake(West Lake)are all national major famous scenic areas, attracting thousands and thousands of tourists both from home and abroad, especially, Xihu Scenic Area is among the ten famous scenic areas in China. There are also other interesting places, such as the world famous Qiantang Bore, the famous Taoist mountains-Beishan Hill in Jinhua and Mt.Tianmu in Lin'an, etc.

Zhejiang is the home of tea, of which Longjing Tea and Huiming Tea are higly renowned. Besides, silk, bamboo woven articles and embroidery in Hangzhou, orange in Wenzhou,etc, are all well-known in China.


Zhejiang Province Map

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Zhejiang Province Map

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