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New Sight spots in Beijing

With the advent of Olympic Games, Beijing is changing with each passing day. We are always fingding surprising changes on the streets; Beijing is taking on a new look to welcome the Olympic Games with more and more beautiful sceneries----

Beijing Suburb Tourism and Communication Map

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Points of Interest in Beijing Municipality
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Sanlitun Area Entertainment Guide
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Traveling in Beijing

Top Ten World-renowned Tourist Attractions in Beijing

In 1992, Beijing recommended "World Top Ten" after the assessment of scores of specialists and scholars.

  • The Great Wall: The longest defensive city wall in the world.
  • The Imperial Palace: The largest and bestpreserved palatial complex existing now.
  • Tian'anmen Square: The largest city-center square in the world.
  • The Temple of Heaven: The largest heavenworshipping architecture in the world.
  • The Summer Palace: The best-preserved imperial garden in the world that boasts
    centralized architectural masterpieces as well as scenic beauties.
  • Beihai Park: The imperial park built earliest in the world.
  • Ming Tombs: The best-preserved imperial mausoleum structure buried most emperors
  • The Site of Peking Man at Zhoukoudian: An ancient human cultural site with most abundant cultural remains, where discovered the fossil of homo erectus and traces of tire-using.
  • Yunju Temple: The temple*ith the largest collection of stone-carved Buddhist scriptures in the world.
  • Yongle Bell. The bell with the greatest number of inscriptions in the world.

Do You Know Beijing

  • Political center of China
  • The milage volume of passenger transport of Beijing subway ranks No. 1 in the whole
  • Beijing is a city with the highest modernization level of China city infrastructure.
  • Capital Airport is the traffic pivot and circulation center of China Aviation.
  • The West Railway station is the largest modernized railway passenger transport center
    in Asia.
  • Beijing: Financial resolution center of China.
  • Beijing Concert Hall: the most frequently used performance place for solemn music in
  • Beijing is an area with the densest intellectual resources in China.
  • Published newspapers and books ranks No. 1 with a percentage of 36% in the whole country.
  • China Art Gallery: the art gallery with the largest scale in China.
  • Beijing Aeronautic Museum: the aeronautu museum with the largest scale in China.
  • China Aeronautic Museum: the first air force museum in China.
  • Imperial Archives (Huangshicheng) the largest state archives in ancient times now existing in China.
  • Longcang scripture of Qing dynasty in Zhihua temple is the only intact-preserved longcang scripture in China. It had only printed 200, which is best-preserved. Longcang scripture means to collect all Buddhist scriptures together to store. Longcang scripture is the best-preserved Buddhism Encyclopedia in China.
  • The largest pavilion in China: the square pavilion in the Little Western Paradise Guanyn
    Hall in Beihai Park was built in the period of Emperor Qianlong, which is 26.8 meters high
    and supported by 84 huge columns and the construction area amount to 1264 square
  • Archway in Ming Tombs : the largest and earliest stone archway now existing in China
  • Seventeen-arch Bridge in the Summer Palace is a bridge with most stone lions in
    Beijing. There are 544 stone lions all together on it, 59 more than Marco Polo Bridge.
  • Marble Boat in the Summer Palace. the largest ancient marble boat in China,
  • Beijing Zoo: the largest zoo in China with the most breeds and quantity.
  • Yunju Temple: the temple with the largest collection of stone-carved Buddhist scriptures in the world.
  • Ming Tombs: the most intact and mostcentralized mausoleum complex nowexisting in our country.
  • The Temple of Heaven: the largest ancient heaven-worshipping architectural complex now existing in China.
  • Chinese earliest collected Taoist scriptures, Legitimate Collected Taoist Scriptures in White Cloud Temple (Baiyunguan), Chinese earliest Dec Scripture collection, 5,305 volume in all. printed by Zhaoyi Supervisor in the tenth Ming Zhengtong year, A.D. 1445.
  • Chinese most intact collected scripture ancestral edition: Zhaocheng Jincang in Beijing Library, 7,000 volume in all, the content is consistent with Chinese first big Zhang Scripture.
  • Ordination terrace temple (Jietaisi): the largest ordination terrace in China.
  • Virtuous harmony theatre building (Dehe Daxilou) in the Summer Palace: the larges
    ancient theatre building of China.
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