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In the past, I always thought that Chinese landscape paintings are the ideals of romanticism of the painters, after viewing the Guilin's landscapes, I hanve known that they are the portraits of the realism

------Herry kissinger, former Secretary of State of America 1979

Tourism map of Guilin   Guiding Map of guilin
Guilin is a well-known city in the world, famous for its unique karst fomation.The Lijiang River winds and twists like a bright ribbon; The hills stand up sharply to the sky in different elegant shape. In the hills there are many splendid caves; In the caves the fantastic rocks are extraordinary as if done by the spirits. All of these form the beautiful landscape characterized by green hills, clear water, fantastic caves and spectacular rocks. The magnificent scenery attracts thousands of domestic and foreign tourists. Guilin has been enjoying the good reputation of the most beautiful hills and rivers under the heaven fortheousand years, and has become an international tourist metropolis.
Touring on the three hills
Touring on the three hills
Located by the west bank of Li River, the Elephant Hill Scenery Area Consists of Elephant Hill, Fubo Hill and Diecai Mountain along the Binjiang Road of the city. Main scenic spots are Elephant Hill, Water Moon Cave, Fubo Hill, Pearls-returned Cave, Diecai Hill, Mulong Cave,etc.
Reed Flute Cave

There are a lot of leaders of the state, foreign countries and heads of government have visited the Reed Flute Cave.

Reed Flute Cave

The reception amount of tourists of the Reed Flute Cave annually is ranked as the first among the Karst caves in the world, it has received more than thirty millions of tourists since the openness and reform have been carried out it China.There are a lot of leaders of the state,foreign countries and heads of government have visited the Reed Flute Cave,of them there were leaders such as Deng Xiaoping,Li Peng, Zhu Rongji, Li Ruihuan andHu Jintao etc. The ex - President of the United States Nixon, Carter, the ex-president of Germany Richard
Fung Weitzerk, the ex-General Secretary of the United Nation Decumliyaer,the exPremier of Canada Trudo, the Chairman of Austrian Federal Parliament Dr Hassel Bach etc.more than sixty leaders of foreign countries,they all praised the Reed Flute Cave.Mrs.Nixon appreciated that "the cave is wonderful and magnificent looking like a palace" , Mrs.Hassel Bach wrote a line left on a visitor' s boob of the Reed Flute Cave: " It is a really fairy world, thanks very much for this unforgettable experience. "

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