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A Complete Tourist Map for Sightseeing in Shanghai

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A Complete Tourist Map for Sightseeing in Shanghai
The sketch map of Shanghai Temples, Mosques and Churches
The sketch map of Shanghai Temples, Mosques and Churches
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1. Chenxiangge Temple
5. Xiaoyaoyuan Mosque
6. Baiyunguan Taoist Temple
7. Shanghai's City God Temple
11. International Community Church
20. Longhua Temple
21. Xujiahui Cathedral
22. Mu En Church
28. Jade Buddha Temple
32. Jingan Temple
33. Yuan Ming Lecturing Hall
50 Qinciyang Hall Taoist Temple
52. Sheshan Virgin Mary Church

Shanghai Sightseeing Bus Centre sketch Map of tourist attractions

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Shanghai Sightseeing Bus Centre sketch Map of tourist attractions
The layout Map of Shanghai Suburbs
The layout Map of Shanghai Suburbs

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Central Huaihai RD.
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Nanjing RD.
map of Nanjing RD. -Click here in a new window(243kb)
Shanghai Golf Tour
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Shanghai, also named "Hu" or "Shen" in short, is situated at 31 o14' north latitude and 121 °29' east longitude, and in the middle of Chinas east coastline. It occupies a total area of 6,341 (of which Pudong new Area occupies, with a total resident population of 16,000,000. It has a pleasant climate, with four distinct seasons.The average temperature is around I8°C and the annual precipitation is 1,240mm.

Shanghai, an open city on the coast and a famous historical and cultural city, is a gate to the Yangtze River delta. It is a municipality under the direct jurisdiction of the Central Government, the largest economic and trade center, a comprehensive industrial base and the leading port in China.

Shanghai is well-known in the world not only for its prosperous cosmopolitan feature but also for its rich humanistic resources. In recent years, a number of modern buildings have been added to the city, such as the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Library, Shanghai Stadium, Shanghai Grand Theatre, Shanghai Circus City, Shanghai City-Planning Exhibition Hall andfin MaoTower, Shanghai Science &Technology Museum. They have become new scenic sights in Shanghai. Colorful festivities, like ShanghaiTourism Festival and Shanghai China International Art Festival, have attracted an increasing number of tourists from home and overseas.

Shanghai's tourist infrastructure is getting more and more accomplished. By the end of 2001, there are 40 international travel services, 524 domestic travel services and 300 star-rated hotels with about 50,000 rooms. Shanghai is an ideal "paradise for shoppers". There are commercial streets and shopping areas like the famous Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, Huaihai Road, Sichuan Bei Road,Yuyuan Commercial and Tourist Area, the Ever Bright Commercial City, Xujiahui Commercial City and Zhangyang Road Commercial City in Pudong.There, shops stand rows upon rows with large collections of beautiful commodities, meeting the needs of tourists of different levels. Shanghai is also the paradise for gourmets.There are over a thousand restaurants, serving the 16 different styles of food in China, such as the Beijing, Sichuan, Guangdong,Yangzhou, Fujian, etc..There are Western restaurants serving French, Russian, Italian, English, German,Japanese and Indian food and also Muslim and vegetarian food. In Shanghai, one can have a taste of all the delicacies in the world. Shanghai is well developed in communications by land, water and air.There are over 40 Chinese and foreign air companies opening about 300 air routes dispatching from Shanghai. Shanghai Railway Station dispatches everyday 80 pairs of trains back and forth from Shanghai.There are the Shanghai-Nanjing, Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo Freeways.The Pudong International Airport has opened for traffic. Its annual passenger transport volume will be 20,000,000 person/times. Plus that of the Hongqiao International Airport, it will be 30,000,000 person/times. Subway No. I and 2 and the light-rail first
phase project are in operation.Together with the 10 special tour bus lines connecting Shanghai with neighbouring tourist areas, they will render faster service and more convenience in urban communications to tourists.Recently, the magnetic buoyant train has been opened to the public. It offers travelers a zero height of flight at 430 km/hr.

On Dec. 3, 2002, Shanghai succeeded in winning the bid for the sponsorship of World Expo 2010. The world has given China a share of luck and Shanghai will add more splendor to the world. Shanghai is ushering in excellent opportunities for development. People of Shanghai warmly welcome visitors from home and overseas.

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