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Longhua Map

Tracing the thousand year three kingdom's history; Listening to the ancient temple's bell of auspice.touring the joy ful tourist city will bring you back in endless reverie---

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Longhua Map
Festivals and exhibitons Map

Xuhui is beautiful, The beaty lies in its antiquity and long history; The beauty lies in its vitality.In Xuhui you will stop and linger on. Xuhui will fascinate you ,Beacause Xuhui beams on you with festivity in all the four seasons.

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Festivals and exhibitions Map
Hengshan Road Map

Here it is so luxuriant with trees that you will find peace and ease of mind; It is so long and deep that you may let your thougts go far in reverie.This is a street that deducts a piece of history. This is a street that tells many a story ; So many men of the hour were gathering here!

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Xujiahui Map

Historically , rivers flowed and met here. Today, prosperity gathers up here.Xujiahui -"hui" meas "meeting of fashions", means "meeting of Chinese and Western cultures". Here emerges Shanghai's new landmark!

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map of Xujiahui
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